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Looking for Best Drum Classes in Dubai?
 Best Drum Classes Dubai

The Drum kit is a percussion instrument that is usually referred to as a collection of drums, cymbals, cow bell, wood block, chimes, or tambourines arranged for convenient playing by a single drummer. The exact collection of components of a drum kit varies greatly according to the musical style and personal reference.

A minimum kit usually contains a bass drum sitting on the floor and played with a pedal, a snare drum on a stand, two or three tom-toms, some of which are mounted on the top of the bass drum and the largest typically free-standing alongside it. A hi-hat played with the left foot, a ride cymbal and a crash cymbal arranged on stands on the right and left is needed to make the set complete. Look no further for the best drum classes Dubai.

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  • Beginners (Level 1) – Grade Initial – Grade 2
  • Intermediate (Level 2) – Grade 3- Grade 5
  • Advanced (Level 3) – Grade 6- Grade 8
  • Professional (Level ) – Diploma, Bachelors & Masters
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Learning Path
  • GLH (Guided Learning Hours)/month = 2 hours
  • ILH (Independent Learning Hours)/month = 15 – 20 hours
  • For beginners’ classes will be conducted once a week (4 classes in a month)
  • Private sessions ( one to one) only
  • Duration 30minutes each
Drum Lessons Dubai - Key Benefits
  • Online classes
  • Wide range of percussion instruments
  • Flexible training hours for drum classes Dubai
  • Stage Shows in front of a live audience
  • Public access music store