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Keyboard Lessons in Dubai

"The One Man Band"- that is a Keyboardist. If you can play the keyboard and sing as well you can easily replace an entire band. We study music in the classroom, engage with music in the rehearsal room, live with music in the practice room, investigate and reveal music through performance music on stages, and share music throughout the community. If your passion is music, get the best keyboard classes in Dubai with us.

Symphony Music Learning Center is dedicated to its vision of providing the highest quality music training for serious music students and music enthusiasts of all ages. We offer comprehensive and personalized music training for all age groups like children, working or non-working adults and even for the retired.

Layer 35
  • Beginners (Level 1) – Grade Initial – Grade 2
  • Intermediate (Level 2) – Grade 3- Grade 5
  • Advanced (Level 3) – Grade 6- Grade 8
  • Professional (Level ) – Diploma, Bachelors & Masters
Layer 37
Learning Path
  • GLH (Guided Learning Hours)/month = 2 hours
  • ILH (Independent Learning Hours)/month = 15 – 20 hours
  • For beginners’ classes will be conducted once a week (4 classes in a month)
  • Private sessions ( one to one) only
  • Duration 30minutes each
Key Benefits
  • Free study materials
  • Weekly stage performances
  • Studio recording and post production facilities
  • Music Store for all Pre-Owned and New musical instruments and pro audio equipments
  • Orchestra practice
  • Competition training